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Jessica Sleight, EAMP, MAcOM, Dipl. Ac



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Balance Point Acupuncture began in January of 2011 in Columbia, MD. I had just finished school and was looking to find a name of a business that resonated with how I saw acupuncture and its benefits for my patients. I have always viewed acupuncture as a way to find balance within so that health resonates throughout the body. To me, Balance Point, is essentially this, the ability to find balance so that each person can thrive in life. Imagine a life without symptoms! 

Having recently relocated to Spokane, WA I am looking forward to starting and growing a practice in my hometown. Having practiced in Columbia, MD and Salt Lake City, I am bringing a wide range of knowledge with me. I studied Sports Medicine Acupuncture and, as an athlete, I am very excited to share this knowledge to help fellow athletes with injuries, injury prevention, staying healthy and performance!

Acupuncture is a natural and gentle way to help the body find inner balance, allowing you to thrive in life. 

Acupuncture can help to:

•Relieve Sports and Running Injuries

•Assist in sports performance by relieving stress and anxiety and supporting the body, muscles and tendons.

•Keep the body healthy to reduce sports injuries 

•Relieve pain

•Alleviate insomnia

•Reduce stress

•Boost your immune system

These and more are results that my patients have reported. 

Come find out for yourself how acupuncture can help to create an inner balance so you, too, can thrive in life!

Finding Balance to Thrive in Life

About Balance Point Acupuncture